Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: The Super-Deluxe, Epic Journal of Awesomeness by Hourglass Press, Saul Sauza

Express yourself with this dynamic diary! Draw pictures of your buttons, illustrate your favorite songs, and design your personal superhero ― and that's just for starters! This book is bursting with suggestions for using your imagination, from things to do ("Use this paper to make something") to things to think about ("List ten things that made you happy today"). Loaded with borders, fill-in blanks, and thought-provoking captions, this book will help you draw on your own creativity.
While I felt that this was closer to an activity book than an actual journal, I still enjoyed this book.

In The Super-Deluxe, Epic Journal of Awesomeness, kids and adults can spend hours drawing, folding, and writing different things that show something about themselves.

Majority of the projects that I saw here were drawing activities. If your child is an artist or just enjoys drawing, then this is a good buy for you. Some of the drawing activities are: draw a cartoon strip of you and your best friend, and draw a map of your town.

If your child is only mildly interested in drawing, there are still activities here that he or she can do. For example, there's a spot-the-difference activity and origami projects. My favorite activities that weren't drawing activities were the life coupons and the one wherein you fill-in a drawing of a menu with the name of food items from your favorite restaurant.

I wish there had been more variety when it comes to the type of activities found here, but overall, it's a fun book that can keep your child occupied for a pretty long while, and can be kept as a reminder of what he or she was like when he or she was a child.

Thanks to NetGalley and Dover Publications for the e-copy.


  1. There are plenty of activities for your child to work on.
  2. A number of the activities are pretty creative.
  3. It's something that can act as a snapshot of what your child was like at this particular stage in his or her life. 


  1. I would have liked it better if here had been more non-drawing activities. 


  1. You need something that can keep your child occupied for a while.
  2. Your child loves to draw.
  3. Your child likes activity books.




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