Thursday, January 1, 2015

Review: No More Pacifier, Duck by Michael Dahl

Little Duck loves his pacifier, but he is getting bigger and doesn't need it anymore. It's time for Little Duck to make a big decision and give up his pacifier for good.
For ages 2-4.
From the Hello Genius series, sure to capture the heart of the youngest learner. These fun, cheerful read-alouds help guide a child’s first steps in learning and growing.
*More than 500,000 copies sold in the Hello Genius series.
*Award-winning author Michael Dahl
*Popular topics for toddlers and parents
*Humorous stories that children will want to read over and over again

I love it when a book is both eye-catching and practical.

In No More Pacifier, Duck, Little Duck's mother decides to wean him off his pacifier. At first, Little Duck is upset, but eventually he realizes that he doesn't need his pacifier anymore and that's he's a big boy duck already.

My son didn't like using a pacifier when he was younger so he never developed an attachment to it. That said, I still thought that this was a fun book. If your child is very attached to his or her pacifier, reading this book to them may help encourage them to stop using the pacifier. After all, if a little duck can do it, why can't they?

If your child doesn't like pacifiers, you can still use this book as a sort of lead-in to a habit they should stop.

I liked the use of solid background colors and the accompanying font that felt perfect for a children's book featuring ducks. The illustrations were pretty good, too. It's hard to guess, but it looks like it was rendered using mixed media.

Thanks to NetGalley and Picture Window Books for the e-ARC.


  1. It can help encourage kids to drop their bad habits.
  2. It's a fun book to read aloud.
  3. The illustrations are pretty.


  1. Your child may find it a little hard to relate if they aren't fond of their pacifiers.


  1. You want to wean your child off the pacifier.
  2. You're looking for a fun book to read aloud.
  3. Your child has a habit you hope he or she would outgrow.



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