Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Evil Fairies Love Hair by Mary G. Thompson

Ali and her middle school classmates are raising flocks of fairies to make their wishes come true. But growing a flock is harder than it sounds: the fairies eat only human hair, and the rules for dealing with them are confusing, misleading, and subject to change. As Ali and her friends struggle to earn their wishes, mistakes are made, spells go awry, and soon Ali is up against hundreds of two-inch-tall imps who have very big plans—to replace all the parents in town!—and the power to carry them out. Comedy and fantasy intertwine in this lively tale of intrigue, magic, and the power of hair.
I was a little wary about the title of the book, as it didn't seem to be the type of book I liked, but I'm glad I give this book a try.

In Evil Faeries Love Hair, Ali begins raising a fairy flock in order to get one wish. Ali dreams of being smart, but getting her wish may be more complicated than she thinks. The faeries are up to something and things aren't always what they seem. Can Ali and her friends find a way out before it's too late?

I liked that the reveal of what the faeries were doing was spread out over most of the book. There's no info dump here. Now, it may seem a little confusing at first, but it makes it easier to remember names and events.

The book doesn't try hard to be funny. There just happens to be random lines that make you laugh, which I thought was a good idea since puns and jokes that don't work can be pretty distracting.

As for the characters, I liked most of them. Ali isn't the smartest girl in the world, but she's resourceful and brave so I wasn't as irritated as I tend to be when I read about heroines that do stupid things.

The ending of this book is relatively happy, although I got the impression that it's the first of a series. I hope so, since I do want to see what happens to the rest of the characters and to Ali.

Thanks to NetGalley and Clarion Books for the e-ARC.


  1. It's an interesting premise.
  2. The book is funny without trying too hard.
  3. The characters are interesting. 


  1. It may take some time for you to understand what the faeries are planning. 


  1. You like books about faeries.
  2. You like books about heroines who are brave and resourceful.
  3. You appreciate books that make you laugh without trying too hard. 



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