Saturday, August 9, 2014

Review: The Circus Goes to Sea by Kate Klise

The rascals hit the high seas in the third installment of the popular fully illustrated Three-Ring Rascals series.
For many years, Sir Sidney’s Circus has traveled by train. But one day a letter arrives from Miss Flora Endora Eliza LaBuena LaPasta, inviting the circus to travel aboard the SS Spaghetti. Who can resist? The Spaghetti is a floating palace of elegance and entertainment. There’s only one problem: Miss LaPasta doesn’t want Barnabas Brambles to come aboard because she’s heard he’s the meanest man alive. Lucky for Barnabas Brambles, his boss is Sir Sidney, the nicest man alive. Sir Sidney insists the entire circus, including Barnabas Brambles, accept the invitation. But Leo doesn’t like water. Elsa’s never been swimming. The Famous Flying Banana Brothers have no idea where they’ll put their trapeze--or their bunk beds. And what’s that large object up ahead in the water?
Since I hadn't read the first books in the series, I wasn't really sure what to expect.

In The Circus Goes to Sea, Sir Sidney's Circus is invited to come aboard the SS Spaghetti as guests of Miss Flora Endora Eliza Labuena Lapasta. As you would expect, life on a ship is more exciting when a circus is aboard.

I liked how there were plenty of illustrations and that a lot of them helped propel the story forward by showing conversations between characters. It feels a little bit like the book is a cross between a regular children's novel and a comic book.

The characters are mostly interesting, and I liked that there were trivia inserted in the book by making them part of the conversation between characters.

As for the story, I like the idea of the circus meets a cruise ship since I've always wanted to go on a cruise. Obviously it's not very realistic that the guests aren't freaked out by the talking animals, but the fantasy element makes the book a more interesting read.

My one quibble with the book is the part near the ending. I'm not going to post actual spoilers, but let's just say that the captain of the ship really needs to watch Frozen.

Thanks to NetGalley and Algonquin Young Readers for the e-ARC. Publication date of The Circus Goes to Sea is on September 9, 2014.


  1. The illustrations help to propel the story along.
  2. There are plenty of trivia.
  3. The characters are interesting.


  1. Some people might not like a plot twist near the end of the book.

Roast beef. Grilled salmon. Fried chicken. Shrimp cocktail. Cheese pizza. Mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes. Cherry pie. Hot-fudge brownies. Twelve kinds of ice cream.

  1. You like animals.
  2. You like the circus.
  3. You like going on adventures.



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