Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: He Texted The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Guys by Lisa Winning, Carrie Henderson McDermott

You’re a busy, intelligent, modern woman. You stay on top of work e-mail. You “like” all the baby photos your sister posts on Facebook. You found your dream job through LinkedIn. But when your crush texts you “Sup?” every few days, yet never asks you out, what the hell does that mean?
These days, dating is more confusing than ever. Friending? Following? Liking? Poking? Linking? LOLing? WTF? In an era when FaceTime is no longer the same as face-toface, it’s no wonder you can’t tell if he’s into you or just really into his iPhone.
This hilarious and essential guide from the founders of—with totally straightforward guy sight from the HeTexted Bros—will help you autocorrect your digital dating life, from decoding your Facebook friendships, to reading the intentions behind guys’ perplexing texts, to deciding when—if ever—you should text him first. It’s He’s Just Not That Into You for the digital age and What to Expect When You’re Expecting . . . a second date—all in one invaluable package!
If you've ever wondered what guys really mean when they text you something, you might find this book interesting.

In He Texted The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Guys, the two female authors and three male panelists give the lowdown on what texts means depending on where you are in your relationship. It also includes things you should look for or watch out for when it comes to male behavior, and also how you should conduct yourself.

I found this book enjoyable especially since the format wasn't completely what I expected. I thought it would be like most self-help books, with pages and pages of explanations and only a few examples and insights from real men. This book puts the focus on the opinions of the panelists and shows what certain words and actions most likely mean.

There are chapters starting from when you first make contact until he says he loves you. My favorite chapter, though, is the one wherein the typical male Facebook wall is decoded. There are things here that I never even thought would be relevant but the explanations make sense.

However, since every guy is different, and cultures tend to differ, I'd take some of the things said here with a grain of salt. Most of it probably applies to all, but it may help to trust your instinct a little bit too.

Thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for the e-copy.


  1. You get opinions from men and women panelists.
  2. The presentation is fresh and fun.
  3. It covers period from before until you're in a relationship. 


  1. Not all of the advice given would apply to every guy, although most does.


  1. You've ever wondered what a guy's text really means.
  2. You want a guy's opinion on what a guy's text means.
  3. You want a book that covers the pre-relationship as well as the relationship period.



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