Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review: The One Year My Princess Devotions Preschool Edition by Karen Whiting

Princesses are a big attraction for most girls, especially preschoolers and early readers. The One Year My Princess Devotions is written for early readers and preschoolers. Each devotion sheds light on how the reader is a princess—a daughter of God, the King. The devotions also emphasize how little princesses should respond to being God’s children. Each devotion includes Royal Words (the Bible verse), Princess Thoughts (a short devotion written for early readers), a Prayer, and a Princess in Action section (an activity related to the devotion).
The devotions are thematic according to the calendar. For example, January features creation and February highlights love.
Little Princesses will look forward to learning more about their King each day.

If ever there was a book that could help young girls have a closer relationship with God, this book might be it.

The One Year My Princess Devotions contains the following for each day of the year: Royal Words (verses from the Bible), Princess Thoughts (explanation of the given verse), A Prayer for the King, and Princess in Action (an activity that girls can do that's related to the verse and its message).

The book may seem simple but as far as content goes, they are easy for young girls to understand and follow through with the activities and prayers. There are some days that have related verses, so that may also help girls who aren't that familiar with some of the Bible stories to become acquainted with them.

The book's text is in purple and pink, which might appeal to most young girls. I thought the idea of framing the text in different cute designs and a crown at the top was a nice touch that could help maintain or get a child's interest.

Thanks to NetGalley and Tyndale Kids for the e-ARC.


  1. The lessons are easy for young girls to understand.
  2. The layout and color scheme is cute and pretty.
  3. It covers nice range of topics.


  1. It's hard to tell if girls can sustain their interest in reading the book and doing the activities from start to finish.

Your mother is a princess too.

  1. You have a little girl.
  2. You want your daughter to ease into devotions.
  3. Your daughter is becoming more curious about God.




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