Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: The Lean by Kathy Freston

Lean In for a Leaner You
If you've ever dieted, you've undoubtedly worked very hard to achieve results -- only to experience the disappointment of having the pounds creep back on. But what if losing weight didn't have to be difficult?

Now wellness expert Kathy Freston lets you in on her secret. With this book she shares the powerful concept of The Lean -- a radically effective approach to positive change -- with an incredibly easy 30-day plan to transform your health. You can jump-start weight loss in the most gentle and automatic way possible. In fact, it can be fun -- yes, fun!

"Leaning in" is about setting an intention for what you want, and then nudging yourself ever so gently in that direction, even if getting there seems impossible. It's about making choices to eat foods that are delicious, filling and supportive of your weight loss goals.

Each day of the Lean plan, Kathy shows how to make and commit to small, realistic diet and lifestyle changes that, over time, yield unexpectedly significant results. It's as simple as adding an apple to breakfast (Day 2), swapping in nondairy milk for cow's milk (Day 6), or having a handful of nuts instead of your usual snack of chips (Day 5). These changes propel you almost effortlessly toward increasingly healthy choices, and work together to boost your progress. There is nothing in these pages that is drastic or strict. In fact, there are only two rules:
All you need is the willingness to take just one step.
As you add the healthier foods to your diet, eat the new foods first.
By gradually adding in these nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods, you'll simply stop feeling cravings. On Kathy's Lean plan, you can experience ongoing, healthy, and permanent weight loss -- plus more energy, improved digestion, clearer skin, and a renewed sense of purpose.
Complete with more than 45 recipes, and grounded in the latest science and research, this breakthrough book reveals the missing link to weight loss that you've been waiting for. The Lean offers a path to truly leaner body -- and the inspiration we all need to achieve lasting change.

I usually don't follow through on diets because the diet books I read feel so hard to follow.

The Lean isn't about making a total change to your diet right away. It's about taking baby steps. That's what makes this such a great book. It's easy to follow. You make changes to your diet, one change per day for 30 days.

The book explains the benefits of each task by citing studies and other scientific facts that show you that this diet is grounded on sound scientific knowledge.

It's not just about food, though. Some of the tasks are things such as loving yourself and having fun, things that we often forget. The book also has a what-to-eat guide, recipes and resources. The caprese panini recipe sounds promising. I might try that.

Thanks to NetGalley and Weinstein Books for the e-copy.

  1. The writing style is very conversational.
  2. It's doable.
  3. There are yummy recipes.
  1. The scientific and studies part may be boring for some people.
I like to do things with the least amount of effort to get the biggest possible payoff.
  1. You want to lose weight the healthy way.
  2. You like to take baby steps when dieting.
  3. You want to lose weight but find it difficult.



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