Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Archie: Americana Vol. 3: The '60s

The sensational sixties, a time of dreams, hopes, revolution, and social change! At the forefront of the decade were the nation's youth, enjoying the latest fads, speaking their minds, and defining a generation. Ever timeless, Archie and his friends came along for the ride, exploring both the fun and mores of the times with their unique brand of humor, as only they could! But Archie Comics was also around to remind everyone "the more things change, the more they stay the same!" Whether getting tangled up in the eternal love triangle or incurring the wrath of the principal and Veronica's father, Archie scaled new heights of hilarity!

If you're an Archie fan like me, then Archie: Americana Vol. 3: The '60s is definitely a must-buy for you.

It contains 31 stories plus some filler material like pin-ups. The e-ARC that was provided to me only had the first 25 pages, but I was still able to read through a few stories. That's the nice thing about Archie comics: you get more than just one story.

The stories that I read were classic Archie. By that I mean Archie is annoying Mr. Lodge or doing not-so-smart things, Veronica and Betty are bonding over clothes or other things, and Jughead is Archie's sidekick.

I don't know how good the rest of the book is, but from what I saw, this is a pretty decent installment.

Thanks to NetGalley and IDW Publishing for the e-ARC. Publishing date of Archie: Americana Vol. 3: The '60s is on February 14, 2012.

  1. There are a lot of stories in this graphic novel.
  2. It's vintage Archie.
  3. The stories have that old sitcom feel.
  1. Those who grew up in the 2000s might not be able to relate to some of the stories.
Whatever happened to the push-button age?
  1. You're an Archie fan.
  2. You like or miss the '60s.
  3. You want to have a good laugh.


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