Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Gravity (Gravity #1) by Abigail Boyd


When Ariel Donovan's best friend goes missing, she has to face the prospect of going back to normal life without her. Mysterious things start happening to her, and she wonders if she's being haunted. Along the way, she meets new friends and encounters old foes, and it's possible that nothing is as it seems. Will Ariel find out the truth about what is going on in the small town of Hell?


In a nutshell, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm not usually a fan of paranormal books, but Gravity is definitely not your typical such book.

Ariel has never really fit in and ever since her best friend went missing, she's felt even more alone. The start of the new school year starts to look up, however, when she gains some new friends and a possible love interest. However, strange things start happening which makes Ariel wonder if she's losing her mind or something more unusual is going on.

From the first few sentences in, I already liked Ariel. She was self-deprecating but still lovable, if imperfect. Her friends were also all pretty endearing. They were of certain stereotypes but they didn't feel like caricatures.

Abigail Boyd writes well, for sure. Her descriptions are poetic but not forced. It's easy to immerse yourself inside the mind of the teenage protagonist.

The story kept me on the edge of my seat. Several times, while reading, I flip-flopped between labelling this a paranormal book and a suspense/psychological thriller. It's actually a little bit of both. This isn't an all-out spookfest with your usual scary monsters, etc.. It's a subtle ghost story that kind of messes with your head a little bit, in a good way.

  1. The plot is interesting, and will definitely leave you eager for the next book.
  2. Characters are well-developed.
  3. It's not your typical YA book.
  1. You're left with a lot of questions, though that's understandable since this is the first book of the series.
  2. I spotted a couple or so minor typos.
Maybe the way I looked at it had changed. I put it down to being older, and tried not to think about it. I seemed to be the only one who noticed.
  • You like mysteries/supernatural books/suspense thrillers.
  • You want to get spooked but not necessarily scared.
  • You've never read anything by Abigail Boyd.



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